General check-ups packages for adults

You may not know, even when you can feel that you’re totally healthy, it’s still disease-causing microorganisms that are silent growing in your body 

In fact, when you enter adulthood, especially from the age of 40,, a lot of changes will take place that will make you age and face the risk of diseases related to blood, heart, liver, kidney function…even cancer. However, the disease is not always easy to recognize. Most diseases in adults are always detected at a late stage, the treatment process becomes more difficult and the mortality rate is higher. That’s why it’s important to get periodic health check-ups now even when you feel your best, to screen for and detect any abnormality early.

With the goal of changing habits and awareness of the importance of periodic health check-ups, The MedCare Quang Ninh branch has designed periodic health check-ups packages, including the General health check-ups packages and the Screening cancer packages.

Why you should choose The MedCare’s General Check-ups packages for adults?
  • Up to 40% savings compared to separate tests
  • Including a full list of necessary tests, ultrasound, and X-ray which specifically designed for each age and risk of disease in adults
  • Free home blood sample collection within a 10km radius to save time waiting for the result
  • All tests are run by US imported modern system which is calibrated and guaranteed to have high accuracy.
  • Ultrasound and X-ray are made by experienced doctors and radiologists
  • The experienced eternal doctor will directly examine, read results and advise customers
  • The General check-ups packages will help to detect abnormalities and symptoms related to diseases of blood, heart, lungs, diabetes, blood fat, gout, liver function, screening for hepatitis, kidney function, thyroid gland, urinary, micronutrient, and electrolyte deficiency, sex hormone,…..
  • The Cancer screening helps to search for markers caused by cancer, detect abnormalities and risks of 10 common cancers, from which to advise specialist examination if necessary
  • Online consultation, easy registration at the clinic or by phone, zalo, facebook