Many mothers are confused when they are Covid-19 positive because they don’t know if they can continue breastfeeding their children

As recommended by experts, mothers with Covid-19 can continue breastfeeding if their children get used to breastfeeding every day even if children are Covid-19 positive or negative. There are 2 reasons:

✅Covid virus can be spread right from the incubation period, so when the mother has symptoms of the disease and a positive result in rapid test, it also means that the mother can infect their children from earlier days. Whether children are infected or not will depend on the immunity of each child, stopping breastfeeding does not have much meaning in keeping children from getting infected.

✅Breast milk contains a high level of nutrients and antibodies that help improve the immunity of children, especially in the first 6 months of life, so if you stop breastfeeding, children will lose the opportunity to absorb these precious ingredients in breast milk

However, to minimize the risk of infection to children, mothers should:

  • Wear a medical mask or a drop shield (if you have one) while breastfeeding
  • Wash your hand with soap before and after breastfeeding
  • Clean and disinfect all objects and surfaces
  • For chidren who bottle feeding, mothers can express milk in bottles to feed

The Medcare hopes that all mothers have enough health and spirit to overcome this difficult period. In case you need help, we are always happy to advise you to better take care of your family’s health.

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